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Experience Pro

Experience Pro

Color - Glorious Gold

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Loop Experience Pro earplugs reduce noise by 18 decibels evenly across low, mid and high frequencies. By combining an acoustic channel, membrane and filter it provides the most high fidelity attenuation.

In the box:

  • 1 set of Loop Experience Pro
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • 3 sets of foam ear tips (S, M, L)
  • 2 sets of Loop Mute (add-on for 5dB more noise reduction)
  • Carry case

What you get

Image of Loop earplugs "what you get"
  • 1 set of Loop Experience earplugs
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS + S + M + L included)
  • 3 sets of foam ear tips (S + M + L included)
  • 2 sets of Loop Mute (extra noise reduction)
  • Black keychain carry case


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How to use Loop

  • Moto

    Reduce wind noise.

    Hear the road clearly.

  • Noise sensitivity

    Take control over how

    your world sounds.

  • Focus

    Increase noise reduction

    on demand.

Patented technology

Loop Experience Pro combines an acoustic channel and mesh to filter them. This way, sound and speech remain clear, just less loud.

  • Noise Sensitivity

    Filter most noise. 

    "Loops Pro help greatly in my everyday life, as I'm very sensitive to noises. These earplugs (especially with Loop Mutes), really take the edge off high pitch sounds."

    - Franziska

  • Motorcycling

    Protect your ears.
    Stay alert.

    "Noises are now so low that I barley hear it, but regular speech or horns are easy to hear. It's so much more quiet than riding without it. Absolutely love it."- Mirja P.

  • Focus

    Get in the zone.
    Increase your focus.

    "I use my Loops when I go out to public spaces to help dim the volume so I can maintain focus. For DIY projects, lawn cutting or sporting events, I add the Loop Mutes."- Pamela B.

  • Making music

    Enjoy clear sound.
    Protect your ears.

    "They are truly brilliant and the mute insert is fantastic for me as as musician of a very loud instrument."- Gillian C.

  • (Live) events

    Protect your ears in style,
    enjoy the music.

    "For someone who goes to a lot of concerts and raves I can now listen to music without worrying about the longterm damage it is doing to my ears."- Lies C.

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Noise blocking insert

Loop Mute acts as a noise blocking accessory that stops sound entering the acoustic channel, adding extra attenuation.


Can I still have a conversation wearing Loop earplugs?

No need for sign language. Our Experience Pro is designed to keep speech and music crystal clear, while still offering you the best hearing protection there is. 

What is the difference between Loop Experience and Loop Experience Pro?

The Experience Pro includes accessories so you can fine-tune the fit and sound filtering. Inside the box, you will find an additional set of foam ear tips along with the Loop Mute. Loop Mute is an add-on that allows you to switch between 18 dB and 23dB of noise reduction.

What level of sound reduction does Loop offer?

The Loop Experience provides an 18 dB sound reduction across all frequencies.

The Loop Experience Pro models let's you choose between 23 dB with the Mute add-on inserted or 18dB without.

Our Quiet product reduces sound by 27 dB.

What is the difference between Loop and regular earplugs?

They are very comfortable, reusable and they look awesome!

Our Experience and Experience Pro products are very technical, while regular earplugs just block sound, both Experience models are designed to mimic your ear's function so the sound remains natural but at reduced volume levels. People typically use them for noise sensitivity, parenting, events, making music, and motorcycling.

If you want to push noise to the background and enjoy maximal comfort, Loop Quiet is for you. People typically use Quiet for noise sensitivity, sleep, focus and travel.