Earplugs for events

The roar of the crowd at a football game. Losing yourself in conversation at a house party. Cheering your runner over the line at an athletics meet.

These events are all things that make life great. But they can be noisy. 

Have you ever left a loud event and had ringing in your ears? Or had to ask your friends to talk a little louder so you can hear them? Tinnitus and a temporary threshold shift can both be signs of hearing damage – and while sometimes these symptoms don’t last for long, they can also end up being something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

So if you want to keep enjoying events, there’s one simple way to protect your ears without ruining the atmosphere: earplugs for events.

Why choose to wear earplugs at events

It doesn’t take much to damage your hearing. If you’re not wearing hearing protection, there’s the possibility of hearing damage after exposure to sounds of 85 decibels or more. And given that concerts, parties, nightclubs and sporting events usually reach upwards of 90 decibels, hearing damage can set in pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

That’s why it’s a good idea to wear earplugs for live music concerts, stadium sports, and other big events. You can keep going to all the events you love – and when you protect your hearing, you’ll be able to keep enjoying them for even longer.

Why Loop Earplugs for events are your best option

When you think of earplugs, you might imagine traditional foam ones which block out all sounds. What’s the point in wearing those to events when you want to hear everything that’s happening?

Loop Earplugs are different. They’re designed to filter sound waves rather than block them out, so you can still get the full experience – just at a lower volume.

Loop Experience offer up to 18 decibels of filtered noise reduction, making them the perfect companion for any event. You can even get a further 5 dB of protection if you opt for the Loop Experience Plus.

Or opt for the Loop Engage, made to take the edge off in noisy situations. Stadiums, concerts and parties can be busy and stressful as well as loud. Loop Engage are ideal if you feel overwhelmed in busy places, offering up to 16 decibels of noise reduction (or a further 5dB with the Loop Engage Plus). They have a specially designed filter to help you sound more natural when speaking, reducing the occlusion effect and helping you to stay engaged.

Both types of earplugs come with a selection of ear tip sizes so you can get the perfect fit for you, and the ear tips are made from super soft silicone for all-day comfort. So no matter how much extra time in the game, or how long you’re out partying for, they’ll feel great to wear.

And they’ll look good too, with a choice of colors to suit every style. And when you’re not wearing them? Just pop them in the handy, durable carry case, ready to reuse them when you’re at your next event.

  • “Loop saved my ears! Awesome! I used to suffer from… ringing ears… after a night out, clubbing or coming home from festivals. But not anymore, thanks to Loop.”

    - Sarah V.
  • “With Loop I could hear the concert clearly at a comfortable decibel level… Can’t wait for my next concert or sports game!”

    - Alicia H.
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Live life at your volume

Now you can cheer in basketball games, dance the night away in nightclubs, and go to every festival without a care in the world. Your ears are protected.

100 days free return

Take them with you to your next event. With 100 days free return, you can always give them back. No hard feelings.

Frequently asked questions

What type of events can you wear earplugs at?

You can wear earplugs anywhere! Loop Earplugs are designed to reduce the noise at sporting events, concerts, nightclubs and more. So if it’s loud or overwhelmingly busy, just pop your earplugs in to reduce the noise and take the edge off.

Are earplugs suitable for music concerts and festivals?

Yes, our Loop Experience earplugs are made to filter sound rather than muffle it, so you’ll still hear every note and beat perfectly at festivals and concerts – just quieter.

Can earplugs be used at sporting events, such as football or basketball games?

Of course! Loop Earplugs can be used anywhere. Choose the Loop Experience for filtered sound reduction of up to 18 decibels (or an extra 5 dB with the Loop Experience Plus).

Can earplugs for events help reduce noise-related stress or anxiety?

You want to go to events but the noise makes you feel anxious – and the crowds can be stressful, too. Wearing Loop Engage earplugs can help to take the edge off, while ensuring you can still communicate clearly with those around you.

Do earplugs for events block out all sound, or just reduce the volume?

Traditional foam earplugs block out sound, but that can spoil the atmosphere. We’ve created earplugs that filter sound waves instead, so you can still hear everything – it’ll just be quieter, and your hearing will be protected.

Are earplugs recommended for attending fitness classes or gyms with loud music?

Spin classes can be loud, and some gyms pump the music out like you’re in a nightclub. But you still want to get your exercise fix. There’s an easy solution: wear earplugs to reduce the volume and protect your hearing! Loop Earplugs are reusable and easy to clean, so just give them a wash after wearing them to exercise, and you can wear them again and again.

How long can I wear earplugs for events at a time?

Loop Earplugs are made with soft silicone tips so they’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

Other use cases