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Loud stores. Open-plan offices. The kids playing – or screaming. Life is busy. And it’s noisy. And for those of us with ADHD, all that noise can be yet another distraction that we could do without.

People with ADHD often already struggle with maintaining focus and attention. Add noise into the mix, and it becomes even harder to stay on task and on focus. What’s more, the sensory overload caused by noises can make people with ADHD feel hyper-anxious, meaning it’s impossible to switch off and relax.
It’s all about finding coping mechanisms in a world that’s full of overstimulation. Reducing noise can reduce distractions – which is why earplugs for ADHD are our secret weapon. And they could be yours, too.

How earplugs can help people with ADHD

There are two main types of ADHD, inattentive and hyperactive. Each comes with a particular set of symptoms, but one thing that’s common across both types is sensory sensitivity. A lot of people with ADHD also have sensory sensitivities – and sound can be a particular trigger.

Imagine the scene: You’re trying to focus at work, but your colleagues are chatting. Loudly. Someone’s slurping their soup. There’s traffic roaring outside. And you just can’t focus on the task at hand.

Hypersensitivity to noise can make everyday tasks challenging. It can make it harder to concentrate on studying and work, and can also make socializing more difficult. For many people with ADHD, noise can cause overstimulation and overwhelm, difficulty concentrating and processing information, and even isolation if you actively avoid being exposed to triggering sounds.

But ADHD earplugs can help. By lowering the volume of sound around you, it can help to create a quieter, calmer environment – which can in turn help to reduce your risk of sensory overload.

If you find it difficult to concentrate when there’s lots of sound, reducing the volume can also help to improve your concentration. Noise-reducing earplugs for ADHD can take the edge off, meaning you don’t need to isolate yourself in loud situations.

Our earplugs for ADHD

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Why Loop Earplugs are your best option

Traditional foam earplugs block out noise. That’s great for some situations, but not ideal when you still want to socialize.

The best earplugs for ADHD keep you in the loop rather than cutting you off. Loop Experience earplugs are made to help you stay focused and engaged, reducing the volume without completely blocking out all sound.

They combine a patented acoustic channel and newly engineered filter to reduce the volume rather than completely muffling noise, with up to 18 decibels (SNR) and 7 decibels (NRR) of noise reduction.

That means they reduce the volume while helping you to stay present. So whether you find the hustle and bustle of social situations difficult, or it’s impossible for you to focus when there’s background noise, Loop Earplugs have got you covered. And because they filter sound rather than block it out, you don’t need to worry about missing anything important.

Made with super soft silicone ear tips, Loop Earplugs are comfortable to wear all day long – and with a choice of ear tip sizes, you’re sure to get the perfect fit for you.

Filter the world, on your terms

Living with ADHD doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the world.

At Loop, we’ve worked together with our community of avid users with noise sensitivity to develop the best earplugs for ADHD: Loop Experience and Loop Engage. Both of these sets of earplugs are designed with noise sensitivity in mind. Each comes with its own unique benefits and innovative design.

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Loop Experience

For extra protection, these earplugs reduce noise by up to 18 decibels. They feature an innovative acoustic channel that works to filter outside noise – making them ideal for ADHD and noise sensitivity. But don’t worry – you’ll still hear all the important stuff and sound quality will never suffer.

Loop Engage

Loop Engage are designed with conversation in mind. They offer up to 16 decibels of coverage and are designed to limit the ‘occlusion effect.’ Which is that echoey, head-underwater feeling you get with most earplugs. 

Loop Engage could be the ADHD earplugs for you. They’re perfect for reducing anxiety in social situations without impacting your ability to chat and connect. Allowing you to remain present, calm, and focused.

Both of them

° Offer maximum comfort, fitting snugly into all types of ears 

° Come in 4 unique colors 

° Include a handy Carry Case 

  • Life-changing

    These earplugs have literally changed my life. I've got ADHD, and a lot of noise distracts and overwhelms me.

    I now wear them nearly every time I go outside. Especially when going to the store or malls. I'm forever grateful to Loop Earplugs for making life with ADHD more bearable.

    - Mieke B.
  • Lifesavers

    These have seriously made a world of a difference for me with my ADHD and anxiety, as I get overstimulated very easily by noise. These are my daytime earplugs so I can still be present with my kids.

    - Teeli J.
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Hear the world at your volume

Tired of sensory overload? Want to filter the noise of everyday life? Take the edge off. Our earplugs are the perfect solution for people with ADHD and noise sensitivity.

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Frequently asked questions

Are earplugs good for ADHD?

Earplugs can be a useful tool for people with ADHD, effectively reducing background noise to create a quieter environment. As sound can be a major sensory trigger for many people with ADHD, lowering the amount of background noise can lead to less sensory overload, improved concentration and better mental wellbeing.

Will wearing earplugs cause individuals with ADHD to miss important sounds or communication?

It depends on the type of earplugs. Traditional foam earplugs block out sounds but Loop Experience earplugs filter sound waves rather than muffling them, meaning noise is reduced rather than blocked out – so you shouldn’t miss any important sounds or conversations.

Can wearing earplugs during study or work improve productivity for individuals with ADHD?

If you have ADHD and find it hard to focus when there’s background noise, then wearing earplugs can help you to get in the zone when working or studying. By reducing the volume and intensity of sou, they allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Can earplugs be used in combination with other ADHD management strategies?

Yes – earplugs are a great addition to any ADHD toolkit, but for most people, they’re just one part of the puzzle. Whether it’s medication, therapy, mindfulness or exercise, ADHD earplugs can be used alongside other things to create a comprehensive management strategy.

How do earplugs contribute to reducing anxiety and restlessness in individuals with ADHD?

Many people with ADHD have heightened sensitivity to sensory stimuli, particularly sound. That means that, when there’s lots of background noise, it can be difficult to focus, which can lead to restlessness or, for some people, anxiety. Wearing earplugs can minimize auditory distractions, which can make it easier to focus on tasks, stay calm, and reduce feelings of restlessness.