Effective earplugs for snoring

You love your partner. But there’s one little problem: they’re a snorer.

You have to suffer, wide awake while they’re passed out beside you, blissfully unaware. Then, to add insult to injury, you struggle through the next day feeling fatigued – and maybe even a little irritated with your partner.

We’ve all been there. That’s why we came up with a solution that means you don’t need to resort to sleeping in separate rooms: earplugs for snoring. Pop in a pair of Loop Quiet earplugs before you go to bed for up to 27 decibels of noise reduction – and a much better night’s sleep. These snoring earplugs are designed to reduce noises that disturb your sleep, so you can drown out the rumbling beside you, and get the sleep you need.

The effects of snoring on sleep

There’s no doubt about it – snoring has a detrimental impact on sleep, both for the snorer and for the person trying to sleep beside them.

Feeling sluggish, struggling to make decisions, finding it hard to concentrate at work, and snapping at your partner. Sound familiar? That’s what can happen if you don’t get enough sleep.

And along with the short-term annoyances of disturbed sleep, in the long-term, a lack of sleep can lead to real health issues from a weakened immune system to a higher risk of conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Plus, snoring can also have a big impact on your relationship, too. Even though the snorer can’t help it (honestly – they’re not doing it just to bug you!), it can still cause resentment.

Many couples resort to sleeping in separate rooms – which is a great option for some, but not for every couple. It can lead to physical and emotional distance, and for some couples, the emotional toll on the relationship is simply too much. In fact, according to Cure My Sleep Apnea, snoring is the third biggest cause for divorce in the United States!

But you don’t have to do anything drastic just yet – help is at hand! We’ve been on a mission to make the best earplugs for snoring, that’ll help your health and your relationship.

Why Loop Earplugs for snoring are your best option

We’ve carefully designed Loop Quiet to give you a better night’s sleep. They offer up to 27 decibels of noise reduction, which means you should find it easier to drift off to sleep lying beside your snoring partner. You’re also less likely to wake up during the night, and more likely to wake up feeling refreshed. Win-win.

Sometimes, traditional foam earplugs can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. But Loop Quiet earplugs are different. We’ve specifically designed them with comfort in mind using super-soft silicone for all-night comfort. And with a range of ear tips to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for you. That means they’ll be even more comfortable to wear – and they’re unlikely to fall out during the night.

Whether you’re a front sleeper, lie on your back, or love to sleep on your side, you can wear Loop Quiets, safe in the knowledge that they’ll stay put through the night so you can get an improved night’s sleep – and wake up without being annoyed at your partner!

We’re here to help

You don’t have to suffer forever – help is at hand. 

In fact, we’ve been on a mission: to invent the best earplugs for loud snoring there is.  

So we did. And they really work. 

Introducing our Loop Quiet range. Here’s what you get: 

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Big noise reduction

Our earplugs are designed to reduce noise by up to 27 decibels. That’s big. They’re the best earplugs for a snoring partner, helping to block out unwanted noise and irritating snoring. Roll on peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.


Being made from flexible, soft silicone means they provide maximum comfort. Not only do they fit nicely into all different types of ears, but they're also designed to stay put all night, without sticking out. 


Who says you can’t be stylish while sleeping? Not us. The Loop Quiet range comes in six different colors for you to choose from. And they come in a handy little case, so you can keep them safe next to your bed, ready for you each night.

  • "Great for sleeping, both at night and napping during the day. Because of my earplugs I've had the best sleep in months!"

    - Janelle S.
  • "They are the BEST EARPLUGS to block out snoring! My husband is a loud snorer and for a whole year I made him sleep on the couch because I could NOT sleep. Now he sleeps in our bed again and I can't hear him AT ALL!"

    - Cheryl C.

Sleep at your volume

Now you’ve discovered the best earplugs to banish snoring, you’re on your way to many nights of sound slumber ahead. Get back to sleeping like you used to. Better sleep. More energy. More productive. Fewer murderous thoughts. Everyone’s a winner.

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Frequently asked questions

Can earplugs block out snoring?

It depends on how loud the snoring is! When worn correctly, earplugs should block out or significantly reduce the volume of snoring. Our earplugs for snoring offer up to 27 decibels of noise reduction, which is enough to take the edge off all but the very loudest of snoring.

How effective are earplugs for snoring in reducing snoring sounds?

The best earplugs for sleeping with a snorer help you to fall asleep more easily, and stay asleep all night long, without your sleep being disrupted. Loop Quiet earplugs do this by offering up to 27 decibels of noise reduction.

Can earplugs for snoring be used by both the snorer and their partner?

Of course! Snoring can wake the snorer up just as much as it keeps other people awake. So if you snore at night, earplugs may help to give you a better night’s sleep.

Can earplugs help with other sleep disturbances?

Yes! If you live in a noisy environment or are a light sleeper, earplugs can stop you from waking up throughout the night at the slightest sound. Just find out how to choose the best earplugs for sleeping to ensure you get the perfect ones to suit your needs.

Can I still hear my alarm clock if I wear earplugs while sleeping?

Our earplugs are designed to reduce noise rather than completely block it out, so you should still hear your alarm clock. But if you’re a particularly heavy sleeper, you may want to set your alarm a little louder to ensure it wakes you up.