Thoughtful ADHD gifts: find the perfect present

Every person with ADHD is different and they may face different challenges in their day-to-day life. When you’re looking for ADHD gifts, then, it’s important to shop with the particular person in mind. 

Do they find it hard to focus at work when there’s lots of background noise? Then earplugs could be the perfect present for them. Are they a student who gets easily distracted in lectures? Consider gifting them a fidget toy. Or do they struggle to prioritize self-care? A one-line-a-day gratitude journal is easy to fit into their routine. 

Whatever you choose, if it’s chosen with thought, care and your loved one’s needs in mind, it’s sure to go down well.

What makes a good gift for someone with ADHD?

The best gifts for ADHD adults are ones that you’ve chosen based on their specific needs and preferences. A personalized gift shows you’ve put thought into it – and it’s always more meaningful to give a present that means something to someone, rather than a generic item. But with that in mind, there are some things you might want to think about when choosing gifts for ADHD individuals:

  • Focus: Lots of people with ADHD struggle to stay on task, particularly in busy environments or when there’s background noise. Fidget tools, noise-canceling headphones, and noise-reducing earplugs make great gifts to help them stay focused.
  • Organization: Many people also find it hard to stay organized, whether at work or home. Desk organizers, task management apps and planners can be great tools to help your friend or family member stay on top of things.
  • Health and wellness: Stress and ADHD often go hand-in-hand. Gifts like a gym membership, massage voucher, yoga classes or a mindfulness journal can all help your loved one put themself first.

Gift ideas for individuals with ADHD

From productivity tools to wellbeing gifts, here are some ADHD gift ideas they’re sure to love:

  • Fidget toys: Stress balls, fidget spinners, or tactile gadgets can help individuals with ADHD channel their restlessness and improve focus.
  • GPS trackers: How many times have you heard your ADHD friend say they’ve lost their keys? A GPS tracker can be attached to their keys, wallet, or whatever else they commonly lose, so they can easily find it again!
  • Daily planner: A daily planner gives a structured way to schedule their to-do lists, appointments and daily schedule – and choosing one with a visual layout can make it easier to see at-a-glance what their day looks like.
  • Gratitude journal: Self-care is a must for everyone – but it can be particularly difficult for people with ADHD to prioritize it. A gratitude journal with morning and evening prompts can be completed in five minutes each day, so it’s easy to fit into their schedule.
  • Yoga or meditation classes: If your friend or family member struggles with stress, then a structured yoga or meditation class can help them to relax and unwind.
  • Earplugs: Noise-reducing earplugs are essential for anyone who struggles when there’s lots of background noise.

Why Loop Earplugs are the best gift for individuals with ADHD?

Earplugs are the perfect ADHD gift for people who struggle to focus, and find it hard to get things done when there’s distracting background noise.

One thing that’s common in people with ADHD is the struggle to focus in environments that are filled with distractions – and background noise can be a particular problem. When there’s lots of different noises all at once, the brain can be overwhelmed, making it difficult to know what to focus on.

But earplugs reduce the amount of external noise that reaches the eardrums – which means that it’s easier to focus on the thing they’re supposed to be focusing on, whether it’s a piece of work, an essay they’re writing, or the housework they need to get done.

Loop Earplugs offer a balance between noise reduction and situational awareness, which is particularly beneficial for people with ADHD. They reduce noise without completely blocking out sound, ensuring that wearers can remain aware of what’s going on around them. That means it’s easier to stay focused, without feeling isolated.

Loop Earplugs for ADHD can be hugely beneficial – but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Loopers have to say about it:

  • I have ADHD and noisy environments can sometimes be a little overwhelming for me. Tried them out in a busy coffee shop while having a conversation with a friend.The noise reduction is perfect. Just enough to not get distracted by surrounding sounds but still be fully able to have a conversation. I found it even helped me stay focused on the conversation, as I wasn’t distracted by all other sounds.

    - Alex
  • I have ADHD and so does my son. We use these whenever it gets too noisy, or when we've had enough for one day! They give us so much relief and are a fantastic solution to over stimulation!

    - Ellen B.
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Our earplugs for ADHD

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ADHD gifts for adults

As well as our gifts for ADHD listed above, there are plenty of other options that adults specifically will love, including:

  • Mindfulness and relaxation aids: Mindfulness can be particularly beneficial for adults with ADHD. Gifts such as guided meditation apps, calming essential oils, or weighted blankets can promote relaxation and help manage stress and anxiety.
  • Smartwatch: A smartwatch with reminder features can help adults with ADHD stay on track with their daily routines and appointments. Features like timers, alarms, and notifications can assist in maintaining focus and organization.
  • Audiobook subscription: Many adults with ADHD find audiobooks easier to engage with than traditional reading. A subscription to an audiobook service or a curated list of engaging audiobooks can provide both entertainment and education.
  • Loop Earplugs: In busy environments like open office spaces or bustling public areas, it can be a challenge to maintain concentration. Loop Earplugs reduce distracting background noise, allowing adults to better focus on their tasks.The sleek, discreet design means they’re perfect for professional settings – while the choice of colors also allows wearers to make a statement if they wish! They’re comfortable and durable, meaning they can be worn all day long

Gifts for kids with ADHD

Choosing thoughtful and practical gifts for children with ADHD can help them manage symptoms and stay engaged. Here are some ideas:

  • Sensory toys: Sensory toys like stress balls, fidget spinners, and sensory bins can help children with ADHD focus and calm down. These toys provide tactile stimulation and can be particularly soothing during times of stress or restlessness.
  • Visual timers: Visual timers and clocks can help children with ADHD understand and manage time better. These tools provide a clear visual representation of time passing, making it easier for them to stay on task and transition between activities.
  • Art supplies: Creative outlets are excellent for children with ADHD. Art supplies like drawing kits, coloring books, and craft materials can help them express themselves, improve focus, and develop fine motor skills.
  • Loop Earplugs: Kids with ADHD often find it hard to concentrate in noisy classrooms or during extracurricular activities. Loop Earplugs minimize overwhelming background noise, helping children with ADHD to stay focused on their studies or play. Loop Engage Kids offer all the same benefits as the adult version – but they’re specially designed for small ears, and come in kid-friendly colors! 

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Frequently asked questions

Why are earplugs considered a thoughtful gift for individuals with ADHD?

Many people with ADHD are sensitive to noise, which can make it hard to concentrate in noisy environments. Gifting earplugs shows that you’ve put thought into the unique challenges and needs of your friend or family member with ADHD.

What's a good gift for a kid with ADHD?

There are lots of great gifts for kids with ADHD, depending on their interests. You can’t go wrong with sensory toys like stress balls or fidget spinners to help them focus, a weighted blanket for its calming effects, or noise-reducing earplugs like Loop Engage Kids to reduce overwhelming background noise and boost their concentration.

Can earplugs be used alongside other sensory tools and therapies?

Of course! Using earplugs alongside other tools and techniques can be a great way to manage symptoms of ADHD. Other sensory tools and therapies include sensory toys, visual schedules, relaxation and mindfulness practices.

How can gifting earplugs show support and understanding for someone with ADHD?

By gifting earplugs, you’re showing your friend or family member that you recognize their struggles with noise sensitivity – as well as providing a practical solution to help them manage their sensory environment, improving their focus and wellbeing.