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Loop Quiet are earplugs that reduce noise by 27 decibels, which most describe as medium noise reduction. Made of soft silicone, Loop blocks most noise to give you peace and make your world more quiet. Live life at your volume, we've got your ears covered.

In the box:

  • 1 set of Loop Quiet
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • Carry case

What you get

What you get with your Loop earplugs in an image. Your earplugs, a carry care and 4 sets of ear tips in different sizes.

  • 1 set of Loop Quiet earplugs 
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips (XS + S + M + L included) 
  • Black keychain carry case


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How to use Loop Quiet

  • Sleep

    Fall asleep.

    Stay asleep.

  • Noise sensitivity

    Reduce most noise.

    Get in your bubble.

  • Focus

    Get in the zone.

    Increase your focus.

  • Noise Sensitivity

    Reduce most noise.
    Get in your bubble.

    "I get very noise sensitive so these have been a game changer. I'm still able to go about my day and not feel disturbed."

    - Krista H.

  • Sleep

    Fall asleep. 
    Stay asleep.

    "Perfect for sleeping. They are very comfortable all night long, it's a great purchase!"
    - Maude B.

  • Focus

    Get in the zone.
    Increase your focus.

    "I always experienced overstimulation by noises and so far these help a lot! It helps focus on what's happening in front of me instead of background noises."
    - Theo F.

  • Travel & commute

    Reduce the noise,
    travel relaxed.

    "I'm so happy I got these! Have truly saved me from a lot of anxiety while traveling and are also great for loud places!"
    - Angelese P.

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Find your Quiet

Designed to take off the edge by reducing 27 dB! They're ultra-comfortable and fit all types of ears.


What level of sound reduction does Loop offer?

The Loop Experience provides an 18 dB sound reduction across all frequencies

The Loop Experience Pro models let's you choose between 23 dB with the Mute add-on inserted or 18dB without.

Our Quiet product reduces sound by 27 dB.

What are the benefits of Loop Quiet?

Peace and quiet in the most comfortable circumstances: that’s what you get with Loop Quiet. These earplugs, made of soft silicone, are designed to lower ambient noise by 27 dB. Enough to let you concentrate, sleep or travel peacefully!

What is the difference between Loop and regular earplugs?

They are very comfortable, reusable and they look awesome!

Our Experience products are very technical, while regular earplugs just block sound, both Experience models are designed to mimic your ear's function so the sound remains natural but at reduced volume levels. 

If you want to push noise to the background and enjoy maximal comfort, Loop Quiet is for you. People typically use Quiet for noise sensitivity, sleep, focus and travel.